The Most Fun Your Kids Will Have In 60 Minutes!

The Game

Captive Kids is the first escape room adventure created specifically for children and families. Your group will have to navigate through a series of challenges and interactive puzzles in order to move through the rooms and escape.

Captive Kids is designed to provide safe, challenging and an incredibly fun experience for groups of children and families alike, but be warned it will not be easy.



Play Time

60 Minutes

Packages available for Parties & Special Occasion


Mr. Moody’s Ghost

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The infamous thief Mr. Moody has stolen a one of a kind dinosaur egg. You and your team of detectives are determined to find it and finally capture Mr. Moody red-handed. You believe that it is hidden somewhere in the famously haunted Moody estate.  The ghost that lives within the Moody house will help you on your mission, but only if you can learn his name and set him free.You must hurry though, the clock is ticking and Mr. Moody is coming home!

Pieces Of Eight

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You and your band of pirates have broken onto Blackbeard’s ship on a mission to steal his legendary treasure map. The evil captain, however, has turned the tables on you and imprisoned you and your mates in the belly of his ship. You now have 60 min and must use all of your wits to escape Blackbeard’s sinking ship and find the pieces to his treasure map. You can escape and claim his fortune but time is running out!

The Witch

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You are a group of adventurers who have come across a small and quiet village. This village however is different from the previous ones that you have visited, something is very wrong. Crops have stopped growing, the flowers are wilting, and the cows are meowing! This village is cursed.
The villagers suspect that the local fortune teller is somehow involved. You have hiked through the woods to her home but all is not as it seems, the fire is burning inside yet no one appears to be home. The villagers are counting on you, but what is waiting for you inside? You are going to
find out 🙂

Birthday Parties & Special Occasions


Safety is the main concern at Captive Kids. A trained guide is always with the group.

Something New

Everyone is tired of the same old parties. Do something new and different

Exercise The Brain

Learn to use logic and teamwork to solve puzzles and escape

Family Package

60 Min Escape room adventure as a family (Private Room)

What's Included

4-12 Kids and Adults

1 Adult required to play

Open all school holidays

Birthday Party Package

Host a birthday or special occasion

What's Included

60 Min Escape Room adventure

Dedicated Captive party host

60 Min private party room (Cleanup Included)

Printed Invitations

Plates/Utensils/napkins/table cloth provided